Rain from Isaac could hit Central Kentucky

By Kayla Pickrell

[email protected]

Category one Hurricane Isaac on the Gulf Coast may cause damaging effects at UK this weekend.

Rain is expected to hit Central Kentucky on Friday, with the potential for a torrential downpour on campus, said Tom Priddy, the director of UK’s Agricultural Weather Center.

“There is a potential for thunderstorms, as well, this weekend,” Priddy said.

“And we are always concerned with the lightning.”

He said there may be severe storms “rolling” through campus, and students should be aware of the weather when walking around outside.

“We are already forecasting some gusty winds around the state,” Priddy said.

Sunday’s forecast for the UK vs. Louisville game already is calling for rain.

If lightning gets within 12 miles of the game, the whole stadium would have to be cleared, Priddy said.

“There is potential for some nasty weather in Louisville,” he said. “It could certainly have an impact on the game.”

Meanwhile in New Orleans, citizens are reacting to the hurricane in unusual ways.

“Many of my friends are taking pictures on Instagram of them playing in the water by the levee,” said Taylor Way, a marketing junior and native of New Orleans.

“Not many people are taking it seriously.”

Way’s best friends’ parents are staying put in their houses and have yet to lose electricity.

“The mayor is in dismay that people are being so casual about it,” she said. “Yet people are acting like they don’t want the pity, especially after Katrina.”

As of Wednesday afternoon, Hurricane Isaac was brought down to a tropical storm level.