United UK stands, divided we fall



These are not the easiest of times at UK. Yes, we are still basking in the glow of the first National Championship since 1998. However, there are still many daily struggles that our school faces.

The nation is divided as we head into the presidential election. Our state government is also divided along party lines. However, one thing both parties can seem to agree on is that it is acceptable to cut funding for our state’s public universities.

This is the time to make a conscious decision to come together as a community as we face the challenges before us.

Our state’s motto is “United We Stand, Divided We Fall.” Even if our elected officials won’t live by this motto, those of us at UK still can.

The crippling budget cuts have caused the administration to make tough decisions to keep UK a competitive university. You may not agree with decisions that were made, and are justified in being upset over such occurrences as the layoff of Chester Grundy, the former director of the Martin Luther King Jr. Cultural Center.

Keep in mind that beyond his emails and YouTube videos, President Eli Capilouto seems to have the students’ best interests in mind. He is trying to do the most with limited resources he has. Capilouto has made  decisions and seems willing to stand by them in the face of criticism.

Capilouto does have an ambitious plan to revitalize campus and is making progress that can be seen at the future site of the New Central Residence Hall. Current students may not experience the fruits of Capilouto’s work, but he could leave UK a much-updated campus for future students.

Also, be sympathetic to your professors. They are once again forced to go without pay raises. They may also be afraid for their job security as some of their colleagues were laid off this year. To continue to work in unsure conditions without a pay increase shows their commitment to this school and its students.

Likewise, professors should be sympathetic to their students. Many are struggling to cover the rising costs of a UK degree. These students are having to work longer hours and, like their professors, may not be getting raises.

More than ever during these uncertain times for our school, we must be one Big Blue Nation.

Gary Hermann is the Kernel’s opinions editor. Email him at [email protected]