Take charge of your health by talking to your pharmacist



By Chris Terry

[email protected]

You begin to notice a cough and runny nose — allergy and cold symptoms. You go to the doctor, see his nurse and hastily get a prescription for an antibiotic and some cough syrup. He faxes the prescription over to your pharmacy where you pick up your medicine at the drive-thru window. This process is usually quick and effortless, besides a few special cases, and usually works well for patients. But what if you were one of those special cases? What if your case is not as simple as what is usual and customary? What if taking just a few minutes to discuss your medications with your pharmacist was the key to a fit and healthy future? Here’s how and why:

P is for PEOPLE

Pharmacists are here for you! Everything that goes on in a pharmacy is to serve the patient. Don’t be hesitant to ask for help!

H is for HELPFUL

We’re here to help you, today and tomorrow. As mentioned above, pharmacy revolves around the patient. The pharmacy is an intimate healthcare setting that tends to provide long-term treatment.


Pharmacists are the easiest of the healthcare providers to talk to about any and all health problems. Going to a doctor’s office doesn’t guarantee that you will see your doctor. A call to the doctor’s office can take tens of minutes, wading through automated voice messaging systems. Pharmacists are available directly at any counter and are legally required to be in any pharmacy that dispenses medication.


Most pharmacies are open Monday through Friday, from early in the morning to after people usually get off work. Some are even open on the weekends or later hours. Make sure you ask your pharmacist what your pharmacy’s hours are  — just to make sure!


We are the medication experts! We have gone through numerous hours of schooling, studying and practicing to be the best patient care providers we can possibly be. Pharmacists are an integral part of the healthcare team due to our immense knowledge of medications and disease states.

A is for ANSWERS

Pharmacists are trained to answer any and all questions you have. If we don’t know the answers to your questions, we will either find the answer for you or direct you to someone that will.


More than 60 percent of patients don’t ask their pharmacist for medication counseling. Try asking your pharmacist to counsel you on your prescription next time you see him or her. Medication counseling is required by law for every new prescription. Make sure you’re taking your medication the right way and at the right time to improve your quality of care.

Y is for YOU!

At the end of the day, you are the person in charge of your health care. Pharmacy is a patient-oriented field, just like your health should be!