National deficit is key in who will win the presidency




By David Burnett

[email protected]

There’s good news and bad news.

The good news is the election is almost over. The bad news is it isn’t over yet.

If you’re like me, your Facebook is littered with leftists, rightists, centrists, apathists, and snobists … each convinced they have a corner on truth.I have strong beliefs, too, but unlike them, mine are actually right.

You can tell because I have a caps lock key. And since I know you woke up this morning dying to know what I thought, it’s your lucky day.

First, I think we all agree Obama inherited a mess.In fact, the bailouts, stimuli and America’s first trillion-dollar deficit started with Bush.

But wasn’t that the point of hiring Obama? Didn’t he promise change? He swore he’d cut the deficit in half. Instead, it’s been over a trillion every year.

Don’t miss the significance of a trillion dollars, by the way. You think student loans are bad, try a million million dollars. It’s $1,000,000,000,000. Google it — there’s a scary graphic of a tiny man next to a football field full of pallets of cash. America’s got 16 of ’em. It’s so vast our imaginations can’t even fathom it, but that’s our debt. Heck, that’s our children’s children’s children’s debt. Eventually, somebody’s gotta pay the piper. You and 100 million other somebodies to be exact — each taxpayer owes about $115,000.Who knows, maybe we actually could start paying it if we could catch a break and a job. But with our current leadership, we haven’t.

Have you checked your receipts lately? College tuition is up 25 percent. Food prices are through the roof. Gas was $1.86 and when Obama got in, and now we’re happy to pay $3.49.

(Not Obama’s fault? That’s not what Obama said about Bush.) Middle class wealth and income have dropped.Our credit has been downgraded … twice. Our global competitiveness has dropped. Health insurance premiums rose 29 percent. Taxes are up. Food stamp recipients have doubled. Welfare spending is up 32 percent.And let’s not open that Pandora’s Box of despair by talking about job prospects when you graduate.

I should know. I’m back for my second degree.These aren’t Romney talking points. They’re America’s pulse. Everyone knows we’re not better off.

Now look, maybe it’s not all Obama’s fault.

Odds are he means well, and besides, we hired him. But he’s not fitting the bill and he’s had four years. We need someone with business experience on his resume, not a community-organizing senator.

When I ask people why they’re voting for Obama, they say they’re basically counting on him to do things differently — not to be Obama. This confused me until the president came out in support of guns, coal, oil and capitalism, while opposing illegal immigration and deficits.

Even Obama isn’t running as Obama anymore.

They say Romney is rich. Uh, yeah, isn’t that the point? Don’t we want somebody successful to run the country? If I’m out of shape, I want the trainer with six-pack abs, not someone flabby enough to understand my plight. The CIA hires ex-hackers to help them succeed.

If America as a business sucks, hire the frigging rich guy.

I’m not pushing a party or an agenda. Romney’s no savior, and I have a few beefs with him, too. But I’ve got a business degree and enough common sense to know you can’t print, borrow and spend your way out of debt.

Until we elect Jesus Christ, we’ll always be voting for the lesser of two evils. Based on the resumes and track records, that’s Romney.

You can tell I’m right. I have caps lock.