Comedian Brian Regan to perform at UK

By Nini Edwards | @KernelEdwards

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Comedian Brian Regan is performing at the Singletary Center on Oct. 25 at 7 p.m.

“I want them to know that each student that comes out to the show gets a crisp 100 dollar bill,” Reagan said, jokingly. “I have been selling out a lot lately.”

Regan recently had his 25th appearance on the David Letterman show and is touring the U.S. Since 2005, Regan has visited 80 cities each year.

Regan practices “clean” comedy discussing everyday issues.

He has traveled to UK before and performed at Two Keys years ago.

“Kentucky is a beautiful state and Lexington is a beautiful city,” Regan said. “I would be a fool not to come.”

Regan said he is going to bring a classic standup show to UK where he will have a bottle of water and a stool while telling jokes.

“Life is a big, wild, fun ride, and I like to point that out,” Regan said. “Sometimes people forget life is fun, they go through the motions and it is nice to stop and laugh a little bit.”