Life After College Retreat to be held on campus

By Dan Pauley

[email protected]

As UK students work to sharpen their minds for their graduation, the university will have a retreat to help them tackle the workforce.

Life After College Retreat focuses on preparing students for the work field. After graduation, many still have concerns about what to do or prepare for once they are finished with college.

“I think college is too focused on grades but doesn’t help you train for getting jobs,” accounting junior Michael Brown said.

In response to students facing these dilemmas, different organizations have helped sponsor the Life After College Retreat.

The retreat is a one day seminar that helps prepare students for a successful transition from college into the workforce.

“Its an event we plan to help students figure out things that you don’t discuss inside the classroom,” said Meg Phillips, Program Coordinator of the Alumni association.

The retreat will have sessions on different issues concerning students after graduation. These issues include money management, relocation, working with multiple generations and professional presence.

“I think it would be more helpful to have more guidance on financial issues,” said Storey Morris, communication leadership development senior.

“We want students to have a better perspective of the workforce,” Philips said. “We want them to better prepared and more confident.”

The Life After College Retreat will take place Saturday, Feb. 2 from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. in The Student Center.

Students can register for the retreat at