Glenn’s Creek Brewery newest addition to Chevy Chase



By Emily Markanich

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Adding new life to the Chevy Chase area, Glenn’s Creek Brewery is born.

The new business is bringing convenient jobs for students, events for people of all ages and a place for out-of-towners to experience the NFL Sunday Ticket without all the hustle and bustle of a regular sports bar.

In the hopes of having an actual brewery inside the restaurant, Glenn’s Creek Brewery was named in honor of a creek that is the water source for their actual brewery located in Woodford County. Yet GCB had to compromise and instead opened as a restaurant highlighting local beers purchased at breweries in Lexington and Louisville.

Featuring tables made out of wood found in old Kentucky barns and booths fashioned from vintage Kentucky Bourbon Barrels, Glenn’s Creek Brewery wanted to bring in the rustic taste of central Kentucky into its décor as well as their beers. Manager, Heather Manning, deems the mood of the bar as friendly.

“As a new restaurant on the block, the one thing we definitely got right was the atmosphere,”Manning said.

Glenn’s Creek Brewery holds 200 craft beers and 28 beers on tap. With 24 TV’s and a big screen, it’s hard for sports fans not to flock in every Sunday. GCB also plans to host a UK postgame radio show twice every month. Dec. 16 will be their first show.

For those costumers who aren’t big sports fans, GCB has you covered. Mondays are trivia nights and on Saturday nights GCB has local bands perform. All day, every day the brewery has an eight-for-eight deal where you can get eight dishes for $8.

And let’s not forget about happy hour every Monday through Friday from 4 – 7 p.m., with $2 off all appetizers and $1.50 off all draft beers. With their tenth week of being open starting this week, Glenn’s is currently hiring consistently.

“College students are more than welcome to fill out an application,” co-owner, T.J. Gordon said.

In trying to produce a Kentucky brand on such a fresh, innovative restaurant, manager Heather Manning hopes to hire “enthusiastic people who support Kentucky and know about the region.”

Glenn’s Creek Brewery is located on East High Street in the Chevy Chase area if you want to try out a burger, a local beer and perhaps even a new job.