Half Price Books opening near campus

By Coria Bowen| @kykernel

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Half Price Books is opening a new location that is closer to campus, at 127 W. Tiverton Way, near Nicholasville Road and Man O’ War Boulevard.

The discount book chain, which also has a Lexington location in Hamburg, will open the store Thursday with promotions all weekend. Half Price Books’ stock includes used textbooks.

Tory Herron, Half Price Books’ Kentucky district manager, said the store is hoping to get an even better representation of textbooks for students.

“English and Classics majors may find everything they need,” Herron said.

Media communication freshman Nathaniel Chandler said he loves Half Price Books and is excited that another one is opening.

“I take an English class that requires a lot of reading and I require three to four books a semester,” Chandler said. “I can usually get four to five books for less than the price of one at Half Price.”

As a company, Half Price Books has been dedicated to environmental and literacy efforts for many years, Herron said.

She said she hopes the store can tap more into the UK campus with these efforts.

“We’re hoping we can do cool things with student organizations and partnerships with people on campus” she said.

The new store will be the fifth in Kentucky, according to a news release from the company.

The store buys and sells new and used books, magazines, comics, records, CDs, DVDs and collectible items.