Campus Bellhops provides muscles during moves

By Will Wright | @KyKernel

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Collegiate moving company Campus Bellhops is looking to hire student muscle at UK over the next 60 days.

The company was founded on the idea that college moving day is an “embraced misery,” said co-founder Cameron Doody.

Moving into an apartment, house or dorm can be stressful. Campus Bellhops’ mission is to minimize stress for parents and students on moving day.

The entire process, excluding the actual move, is done online.

When a customer books a move, Bellhops will be able to view and claim the job on a private online portal.

Bellhops can book as many or as few jobs as they want.

The system was developed so Bellhops can incorporate their jobs in their normal routines without scheduling conflicts.

“It just depends on how many jobs you want to take,” Doody said.

Two bellhops will be sent for each job. The customer will receive an email with the bellhops’ names, majors and pictures.

Bellhops will be paid a flat rate depending on the size of the move. Bellhops make an average of more than $20 an hour, according to Doody.

Doody added that the company wants to hire respectable young men.

“We really put a huge emphasis on hiring really good guys,” Doody said. “The kind of guy my mother or sister would want to show up to help move.”

Involvement in multiple student organizations is preferred.

Bellhops are expected to be able to lift 60 pounds to chest level.

“It started three years ago down in Alabama, and within three years they expanded to 53 universities,” said UK’s campus director of Campus Bellhops, Ian Blair.

The company is now serving 57 universities from coast to coast, according to the Campus Bellhops website.

“We handle all of the grunt work that moving day entails,” Doody said.

We’ll book you a truck, load it and drive it back, Doody said. Bellhops can also just load or unload, if that is preferred.

The advertising and marketing will be directed mainly to college students, but any Lexington resident can hire the Bellhops, Blair said.

The company is looking to hire about 40 students, Blair said.

Interested students can apply at