UPDATE: Water pours into Blazer Cafe



By Morgan Eads and Emily Wuetcher | @KyKernel

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Blazer Cafe was evacuated at 8:30 p.m. Tuesday when water began pouring from the ceiling.

The flood occurred when an old fitting of the chilled waterline burst from stress, according to Kevin Kreide, Physical Plant Division director.

The Blazer residence hall was unaffected by the incident and did not have to evacuate, UK spokeswoman Gail Hairston said.

The cafeteria opened at its regular time Wednesday and no significant damage resulted from the flood, according to Hairston.

ISC sophomore Dwayne Fuller was in Blazer Cafe when it was evacuated.

“I was with my friend and she heard a noise, we turned around and basically water just started pouring down,” Fuller said. “We just see everybody else kind of run away from the tables and start taking pictures.”

Mechanical engineering freshman Luke Long had a similar account.

“(My friend) Drew and I were just eating and we heard this background noise and didn’t really think anything of it, then some of the staff came over and were like ‘You have to evacuate the building’,” Long said.

Dining Services collected the names and ID numbers of students who were evacuated during their meals and the students will be reimbursed, Hairston said.

Repairs were completed at 1:30 a.m. and Blazer Cafe will now be running on its normal schedule, Hairston said.