Letter to the editor: Deciding to go undecided was a rewarding choice

I was going nowhere.

Or at least that’s what I thought, when I applied to college without a major in mind. “Undergraduate Studies,” the application said. A combination of “I’ve got no future/I’m never going to figure out my life” is what I read.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not a motivationless bum. I’ve always had drive, but just never in a certain direction and never with a certain dream in mind.

At first, I didn’t care. I never had to, when the only thing that mattered in high school was tonight’s homework and tomorrow’s outfit. I figured that, sooner or later, I’d figure it out. I never thought later would  mean much later.

Instead, what chose to come sooner was a mild panic. Senior year came and went, but it neglected to leave me with the parting gift of a college major. My lack of even a slight idea about my future led to feelings of failure. Although I wanted to avoid it at all costs, I knew I would have to enter college undecided. What an awful word.

Looking back today on a year in the Undergraduate Studies program, entering college in this program was probably the best thing I could’ve done for myself. I’ve given myself time to explore; I’ve been exposed to the best resources and given access to sound advice and experience before having to make any decisions.

The biggest thing Undergraduate Studies has done for me, though, is help me land solidly on my feet on my jump to UK. College itself is a big enough change, bringing with itself so many new experiences and decisions, from figuring out when (or how) to do your laundry to choosing a major.

Coming into college in the Undergraduate Studies program was a decision that instead helped me get a grip on my plans for the future, allowing me to focus on general classes first and familiarizing me with various academic programs before I decided to apply. It has been a priceless way of taking my focus off of my far future and instead placing it on my immediate future – getting further involved on campus and planning my classes for each semester as they come.

As an Undergraduate Studies student, I now feel much more confident and in control and I conquer my future one class, program and plan at a time.

Allie Decker is a freshman and a Singletary Scholar. Email [email protected]