Beaux Arts Ball set for annual creativity show: Ball will ‘glisten throughout the warehouse’



By Olivia Jones | @KyKernel

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UK College of Design is taking the spotlight Saturday night as it hosts Lexington’s annual Beaux Arts Ball from 8 p.m. to 3 a.m.

The ball has been a city tradition since 1969, promoting creativity while helping the community through donations to various charities, according to the Beaux Arts Ball website.

“We picked three Lexington charities and two from UK, which is new this year,” said Hannah Sellers, Director of Beaux Arts Ball, Public Relations and Organization. “We have such a wide range represented.”

The lists of the following organizations as this year’s charity recipients are Common Good, Lexington Dream Factory, Be The Match, UK Chapter’s American Institute of Architecture Students and Institute 193.

“Institute 193 brings new artists and opens Lexington’s eyes to the art word,” said Brittany Dingeldein, Director of Art, Installations and Entertainment. “But in the end I really couldn’t pick a favorite charity … they’re all really great.”

Continuing on the tradition, the ball will be held at the Pepper Warehouse on 1200 Manchester Street.

“We’ve had it here the past three or four years,” Sellers said. “It’s an older venue in the distillery district that has a lot of character. We like the warehouse venue and feel it brings interesting elements.”

She said that the planning takes a full year as theme, venue, decorations and so much more need to be decided upon.

“There’s a whole lot that goes into making this event happen.”

Dingeldein said the most challenging part of planning the ball is the music. She explained that the focus was to find performers that would bring in a crowd.

“The events are basically centered around music.”

The event website lists ten different musicians/bands will be featured: Adam Ingram, DJ Crow, DJ Prof, Child in Disguise, Nemo Achida, Ellie Herring and the Librarian, Ninja Lowe, Ill.Gates and Dieselboy.

Also taking the stage will be models from the Lexington Fashion Collaborative, dawning styles that mirror this year’s theme for the ball.

“It changes every year,” Sellers said. “This year, it’s reflection.”

She explained that everything from the fashion show to the decorations to even the wristbands will feature some sort of shiny, glistening material.

Dingeldein also commented on the theme, revealing that a light show is included in the entertainment, and “it will glisten throughout the warehouse.”

According to the event page, tickets can be purchased in advance for $25 or at the door for $30. The event is open to anyone 18 and older.