Power outage in South Campus causes disturbance



By Shacoya Kidwell

[email protected]

Students on South Campus were left in the dark around 7 p.m. Wednesday due to a power outage in the Blanding and Kirwan towers.

Several students were upset by the outage.

“The cops came, the fire department came, but as soon as the power came back on they left and gave us no explanation,” political science freshman Kurtis Johnson said. “We don’t know anything.”

Students were not evacuated, but the outage caused some inconvenience to residents.

The cause of this incident has remained unclear to many residents.

“I honestly think the only reason why they had extra police here was because it was so dark. It was sketch-ville,” Johnson said.

Johnson said students received an email saying the circuits were being worked on.

“The power was out for about two hours. My food and milk is going bad,” nursing freshman Juliana LaSala said. “We only had emergency lights by the stairs and in the bathrooms, but we lost all power everywhere else including our refrigerators.”

LaSala said she and her friends went to the library afterward to escape the heat.

The air conditioning was off for the two hours that the power was out, she said.