Kentucky pride week continues with craft fair



By Olivia Senter

[email protected]

Quilts, homemade soaps, paintings and handmade jewelry were just some of the crafts on display Wednesday at the Kentucky Craft Fair.

The UK Student Activities Board hosted the fair in continuance of Kentucky Pride Week where locals were able to present their works of art for purchase.

Students had the opportunity to create their own art pieces, as tissue paper, sticker letters and other craft supplies were available for use.

Trista Mudd, an art studio and art administration freshman, was on her way to study and eat at the Student Center during a break between classes when the craft booths caught her eye.

“I do love art and handmade things,” Mudd said.

While creating a flower out of tissue paper, Mudd said she did not know about the event until she saw the booths set up on the patio, but was glad she came.

Christie Durant, a full-time nanny and owner of Sweet Peas Forever, was one of the vendors at the fair.

She creates life-like, vinyl dolls after she lost her daughter five years ago.

“It feeds my soul,” Durant said.

Durant makes each doll with unique characteristics. She estimated that she has made about 400 dolls in the past two years.

“I love to make something come alive,” she said.

Another vendor, Tracy Crandall, owner of Collections by Tracy, makes original jewelry pieces.

“I could never find a piece of jewelry that I liked in the store so I just made my own,” she said.

Her collection contained a wide variety of rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

Crandall said she enjoys producing one-of-a-kind pieces and would like to make this hobby a career.