Group to show that Kentucky is more than just horse racing

By Laura Shrake | Assistant News Editor

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“Kentucky kicks ass,” and one team is coming to UK on Tuesday to prove it. Kentucky for Kentucky, an organization striving to “rebrand” the state and renew its image, will be in the Student Center at 6 p.m. for a lecture.

Using the slogan “Kentucky Kicks Ass” is how the organization is attempting to “engage and inform the world by promoting Kentucky’s people, places and products,” according to its website.

“Kentucky for Kentucky is an effort that’s important for our state,” said Jacob Ewing, Student Activities Board director of public relations.  “The misconceptions outside the state are powerful.”

Ewing said the organization is striving to show the country that Kentucky has an impact on the states, and to disprove some stereotypes about the state.

The campaign is one for awareness and the rebranding of the state in an “innovative and fresh way,” Ewing said.

Kentucky for Kentucky will hold a lecture and a gallery to promote its mission.

The gallery, held in Rasdall Gallery in the Student Center, will run through Sept. 30 and will display products such as t-shirts, maps and more.

Ewing said the company’s campaign efforts and its “entrepreneurial spirit” can serve as an inspiration to students.

“We’re excited to bring them to UK and spread their message,” Ewing said. “We’re really trying to show students (what a little) motivation can do.”