What kind of roommate are you? Take the quiz and find out

By Anyssa Roberts | Assistant News Editor

[email protected]

Almost everyone has a “crazy roommate” story to tell, but what is that “crazy” roommate

saying about your behavior behind closed doors? Test how good of a roommate you

really are. You may be surprised.

1. Your roommate’s leftover Chipotle has been sitting in the fridge for weeks now. You think it’s starting grow life. You:

A. Take the container and leave it on their bed- they will get the picture

B. You dump it in the trash- doesn’t matter who left it- it bothers you

C. Leave a note saying ‘Whoever left this needs to throw it out’

2. You finally get a chance to bring your boyfriend/girlfriend by the house

for the night. Your roommate is still home. You:

A. You don’t care who’s watching.

B. Try to tone down the flirting until she leaves.

C. Try to ignore her- eventually she will leave.

3. You come home from your last class and your roommate left a stack of

dirty dishes in the kitchen sink – again. You:

A. Wake your roommate up to have a discussion about washing the dishes.

B. Make a snack and balance your dishes on top of the dirty ones.

C. Roll up your sleeves and wash them yourself- you’d rather not look at that mess.

4. Your roommate is studying for her Chemistry exam. You’re staying up

late to talk to your best friend from back home on the phone, so you:

A. Try to talk quietly.

B. Put my friend on speaker phone- my roommate can get headphones.

C. Move to the hallway.

5. You can’t stand the person your roommate’s been dating, and they plan

to have a “night in” on the same night that you want to just relax at home. So you:

A. Try to get a friend to go out with you, and give them some privacy. After all, you just

had your friends over the other night.

B. Fake like you’re sick and just had a bad day, so she will feel bad about having

someone over.

C. Ask her in advance if you two can compromise and share the privacy privileges.

Q1. You’re a good roommate if you answered B. In the case of the “gross roommate” it is best to take the initiative and clean the mess.

If you answered A. or C., leaving the dirty container on the bed can be seen as

disrespectful, and could manifest bad feelings toward each other. Leaving a note could work if it leads to a straightforward conversation about cleanliness, but don’t let the matter sit, it doesn’t make things better.

Q2. You’re a good roommate if you answered B. Toning it down is a sign of respect. Your roommate may get the picture, they may not, but snapping at them will only make it awkward for everyone in the room.

If you answered A. or B., ignoring her might make for an uncomfortable atmosphere, and getting too flirtatious with your “special” friend- worse yet.

Q3. You’re a good roommate if you answered C. This could be tough to do, but unless it is your

roommates’ designated chore to do dishes, it is everyone’s responsibility to keep the kitchen clean.

If you answered A. or B., adding to the stack of dishes isn’t going to make them

disappear-obviously. For the sake of your sanity, and your relationship with your roommate, cleaning them now and address the issue later on.

Q4. You’re a good roommate if you answered C. Moving into another room is a sign of respect and gives you and your friend the privacy to be as loud as you want. If you answered B. or A., talking quietly while your roommate studies nearby

may just annoy her, since she can still hear you. Putting your friend on speaker, may

be a sign something else needs to be addressed between you and your roommate.

Q5. You’re a good roommate if you answered A. or C. Trick question. In the event that C. doesn’t work

out. It’s good to have answer A. in your back pocket.

If you answered B., dishonesty is not the way to build any relationship.

Making your roommate feel bad about bothering you may work on them, but after a

while they may just get annoyed.