Former Cat Trevathan drops touchdown, video goes viral

Staff report

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Former UK linebackers Wesley Woodyard and Danny Trevathan started for the Denver Broncos last night in the nationally televised, season-opening game last night in Denver.

Both made plays against the Baltimore Ravens, but it was a play by Trevathan that has people still talking.

With the Broncos up 42-17 with just over 12 minutes left in the game, Trevathan intercepted a pass from Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco. He ran the ball 20 yards before dropping it inside the 2-yard line. Trevathan’s dropped ball  bounced out of the end-zone and resulted in a touchdown, with the Ravens taking possession at the 20 yard line. If Trevathan scored, the play would have been the first touchdown of his career.

Trevathan told reporters after the game that he made a mistake.

“It was a young mistake,” Trevathan said. “I was just in the moment. I thought I was in the end zone.”

Despite Trevathan’s gaffe, the Broncos defeated the Ravens 49-27. He said that he wouldn’t make the same mistake twice.

“It’s not going to happen again,” Trevathan said.  “I’m growing from it.”

See the video: