UK senior guard Jon Hood’s tires slashed

By Morgan Eads

[email protected]

UK senior guard Jon Hood returned to his Toyota Tundra in the Joe Craft E lot Sunday to find that two of his $450 tires had been slashed, according to a UK police report.

The truck, which still sat in the lot Tuesday, had a hand written sign on it that read, “tires slashed police report on file, cannot move car!! When I can I will,” and was signed Jon Hood.

A parking violation with a $25 fine was placed on the truck Monday. Later, there were two green stickers on Hood’s truck with the date of November 8, warning owner of the vehicle that it had to be moved by then.

The fact that Hood is a basketball player is not a factor in the ticketing or ticket paying process, said Lance Broeking, director of parking and transportation.

“We treat everyone equally,” Broeking said.

If someone has a flat tire or mechanical problem that prevents them from moving their car from a lot and they call to let parking services know, there is often room for leeway, Broeking said.

“We do have a little bit of a heart, despite what people in the public might think,” he said.

If someone is unable to call and there is a ticket placed on the car, the ticket can be appealed, Broeking said.

There are no surveillance cameras in the area and there are no suspects, according to the police report.

The case was marked as closed in the report.

Assistant director of media relations of UK Athletics John Hayden told the Kernel UK Athletics would not comment on the situation since it is a personal matter.

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