Fourth District judge to speak at College of Law

UK students have the opportunity to hear from a figure serving on one the United States’ highest courts as part of the College of Law’s Judicial Conversation Series.

Judge Roger L. Gregory will speak at the College of Law at noon on Wednesday, according to UKNow.

The event, held in the College of Law Courtroom, is free and open to the public.

Gregory was first appointed to serve in the Fourth District Court of Appeals in 2000 by President Bill Clinton as a recess appointment, and was later confirmed to a lifetime appointment in 2001 during the George W. Bush administration.

Gregory holds the rare distinction being not only the first African-American Judge in his district, but also the first judge to be appointed by members of two different political parties.

Prior to his appointment, Gregory practiced law in Detroit, Michigan before relocating to the Richmond, Virginia area where he formed a legal partnership with former Virginia Governor L. Douglas Wilder.

He also served as an adjutant professor of constitutional law and a member of the Board of Visitors at his alma mater while also serving as a former president of the Old Dominion Bar Association.

Gregory has received numerous prestigious awards during his legal career. He is recipient of the National Bar Association’s Gertrude E. Rush and Equal Justice Awards, the University of Richmond’s William Green Award for Professional Excellence and the National Conference of Christians and Jews Humanitarian Award.

The Judicial Conversation Series, proctored by Retired Chief Judge Jennifer Coffman is designed to provide meaningful interactions between law students and distinguished members of the bench.

Past speakers included several members of the Kentucky Supreme Court, the Federal District Court of Eastern Kentucky and the United States Bankruptcy court.