A living time capsule: Black History Month event to teach about era before slavery, civil rights movement

The Black Student Union will “transform … the Student Center into a time capsule” for the annual Progressive Dinner on Wednesday.

“This year, we are focusing on ‘Reclaiming Our Thrones,’ which educates our audiences on the true history of Black Americans, long before the Civil Rights Movements and long before slavery, to show that our history does not begin there,” wrote Black History Month Chair Amber Horn in an email to the Kentucky Kernel.

The meal and event, which begins at 7 p.m. on the third floor of the Student Center, will provide a different course of the dinner on each level, ending in the MLK Cultural Center, the integrated strategic communications senior added.

“This year we focus on the protest era of 2014 into 2015, the Slavery Era, and end … with peace and serenity in our African-themed room,” Horn wrote in the email.

There is limited seating at the free event, she added.

Horn added there were still a few dinner spots available, but that participants need to RSVP to reserve those placements.

Walk-throughs are free as well, she added, and have no participation limit.

The Progressive Dinner is part of the MLK Center’s calendar of events to celebrate Black History Month.