State Street, surrounding streets declared “Emergency Area”

Residents of State Street and nearby roads received a government notice on their doors Monday afternoon declaring the neighborhood an “Emergency Area” during the Sweet 16, Elite 8, Final Four and Championship from March 26 to April 7.

The area, which includes State Street, Elizabeth Street, University Avenue, Waller Avenue and Forest Park Road, will be regularly monitored for nuisance violations including but not limited to placing indoor furniture outside.

The neighborhood celebrations last year received national attention for the burning of couches and chairs.

“If the Division of Code Enforcement or any other governmental agency determines that anything stored on the outside of the property is considered to be indoor furniture under Section 12 of the Code of Ordinance the property will be removed without further notice,” the note read.

If residents have any further questions, they may contact Thad Scott, Supervisor Division of Code Enforcement at 859-258-3878.