Mullen elected as new SGA president



By Cheyene Miller

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 Mullen and Hollinden elected as new SGA president and vice president

Austin Mullen and Jenna Hollinden have been elected as the new student body president and vice president, according to the Student Government Association Twitter page.

“Right when it happened, we were just so humbled and so honored at this opportunity,” said student body president-elect Mullen, who praised the efforts of Dwight Haggard and Taylor Dale Clark during their campaign.  “They did a fantastic job.”

Mullen noted that he, Hollinden and Haggard are on friendly terms, and that he felt the campaigns had “no negativity at all.”

According to Mullen, instituting two new student positions — the director of inclusion and director of finance — will be the first priority for himself and Hollinden now that they secured the positions.

“We’re very confident in the plan that we have now,” said student body vice president-elect Hollinden, who noted that the decisions she and Mullen make “should reflect every student on campus.”

Presidential candidate Haggard said that he had a “normal” reaction to the election results, and that he had been friends with both Mullen and Hollinden since they participated in the Governor’s Scholarship Program together.

“We didn’t have any bias amongst ourselves,” said Haggard, who noted that he gave a congratulatory phone call to Mullen after seeing the results.

Haggard said that he will now spend his time at UK dedicated to working with organizations like DanceBlue, while also preparing to attend law school after he graduates.

My only involvement with student government will be making sure students who want to get involved with SGA do so, Haggard noted.

“I know that they (Mullen and Hollinden) are going to do what they believe is the best thing to do with SGA,” Haggard said.