Stuckert Career Center to explore career and major options

By Haley Simpson and Margaret Gerwin

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In the hopes of helping students choose a major or career and use campus resources in their search, the Stuckert Career Center and Undergraduate Studies are holding a Career and Major Exploration Studies event in Miller Hall on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons.

According to Stuckert Career Center employee Rachel Hoover, the exploration sessions are held to help make students more prepared when they are choosing their respective majors and careers.

The goal of the event is to inform students about their resources so they can go about the process of getting appointments or dropping in with the Career Center’s counselors so they can make that decision when the time comes.

“We’re doing it so that students have an opportunity to explore and decide on majors, so that when the major change window opens back up, they can do that,” Hoover said. “We’re also doing it now so if they want to decide before registration they can do that.”

Hoover will also speak at the interactive sessions, which will take place at the start of each hour from 1 to 3 p.m.

Students will also be offered a time to talk in a group setting so that they can share where they are in their decision-making process and what struggles they are facing.

“We will be focusing on students who are looking to change majors or are currently undecided,” Hoover said.

No majors or careers will be focused on during the sessions, as the main focal point will be the decision-making process and learning how to use the resources that are available to students on campus, Hoover said.

The sessions will be held in room 102 of Miller Hall, where the Undergraduate Studies office is, in order to make it more convenient for those who are undeclared, Hoover said.

“Hopefully they can gain insight that there are lots of other students going through the major change or deciding as well, and that they are not alone,” Hoover said.