Event fuels students going into finals

By Aubrey Meiners

[email protected]

Presentation U! hosted a free peer tutoring event Monday night from 6 to 9 p.m., offering students pizza as an incentive for visiting the Hub, located in the William T. Young Library.

Presentation U!, a multi-modal communication center, held this event to help students with written, oral or visual projects.

All students were welcome to work with a peer tutor by appointment, or by simply walking in.

Presentation U! marketing intern Patrick Banks said that keeping in mind the stress that comes with finals, Presentation U! created the event to alleviate the anxiety and overload of homework that students are currently experiencing during dead week.

“We did a lot of stuff on social media and had posters about it in the library, and obviously there are a lot of people in the library for dead week,” Presentation U! marketing intern Michael Russo added.

Presentation U! is an organization on campus that offers peer tutoring sessions daily in the Hub of the William T. Young Library, as well as in The Study, located in Champions Court.

The organization works closely with The Study and provides similar services. Both are tools for studying and completing class work.

“The whole point of this event is to get students to come in and maybe set up an appointment with our tutors to boost that final,” Banks said.

Not only did the event allow students to get a free meal, but they were also given assistance with any last-minute presentations, speeches or essays for the remaining semester.

“They help with speeches and papers, which is great because that’s something I think everyone could use a little help with,” communications sophomore Christine Lenhart said.

Aside from promoting events and student services via the personal Twitter account, Presentation U! still hoped to spread word around campus about the value of helping students and how beneficial it can be to meet with a peer tutor for an hour.

“I heard about this event through an email, so I had to come out and check it out and get some free pizza,” animal science sophomore Jasmine Brock said.

Presentation U! members said that although the Fuel for Finals event was only held from 6 to 9, Presentation U! is open for much longer hours Sunday through Fridays.

“I like that I can work with students,” communications senior and Presentation U! peer tutor Mariam Alabdali said. “I see a lot of students who come back to us and they actually learned something, and getting to help them is what I really like about working here.”