Marikka’s variety goes unmatched

​Marikka’s restaurant and bar serves an assortment of german food on the restaurant side of the building, and contains a large assortment of alcoholic drinks on the bar side. Photo by Marcus Dorsey

Marikka’s looks like a bar from the movies. The walls sport numerous dart boards, the floor is adorned with high top tables and a number of pool tables, there is an air hockey table in the corner waiting for friends to challenge each other, and the far corner has a foosball table for the more nostalgic patrons.

After you wind your way through the various forms of entertainment and high-top tables you come to the rear patio and find that the fun hasn’t stopped. The large patio gives way to two beach volleyball courts. There are leagues every Monday through Friday, and you can easily register a new team. So if you’re a transplant to Lexington from the coast and you’ve been missing some volleyball in the sand, grab some friends and register a team.

The bar sports more than thirty taps from all over the world, most of which are craft beer. However, if you have a friend who prefers their beer mass-produced, mostly devoid of flavor and the color of a yellow sticky note that has been sitting in the sun for a week, they do have Bud Light on draft. So your less-enlightened friends won’t feel out of place.

As impressive as the number of taps is, they are not the highlight of Marikka’s beer resume. The wall behind the bar is not simply a wall. It is one enormous refrigerator loaded with hundreds of beer from all across the world. There are well over 700 different varieties of beer available, and no, you did not read that number incorrectly. If you think you know all about beer, Marikka’s will make you feel like an amateur again.

Attached to the bar is a sit-down restaurant with a variety of classic German food. If you’ve been having trouble finding some good currywurst and sauerkraut then you needn’t look any further. A wurstplatte and a pint of Hofbräu Original will make you think you haven’t left the beer hall. If German food isn’t your thing, there are also a number of more traditional pub foods available in the bar area.

Marikka’s has something for everyone and plenty of space. If you need a place to get the whole crew together, this is it. Enough beer that everyone can find something they enjoy, plenty of variety in the food, and all the entertainment you could want in a bar.