BluPass, bike routes are a good way to alleviate parking problems

Kernel editorial

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Part of an editorial board’s duty is to voice criticism and hold public figures accountable for their actions. But as there are times to criticize and demand accountability, there are also times to give praise when money is spent wisely.

UK’s new BluPass program is an example of spending public money wisely.

The $160,000 agreement between UK and Lextran is a good way for UK to make up forits parking problems, and for selling more parking passes than it has parking spots.

The program will apply to all Lextran routes, including route 14, which serves most of campus, and route 15, which goes through the heavily student populated Red Mile Road and Angliana Avenue areas.

All students have to do is show their UK ID and they can ride for free. A semester BluPass cost $50 last semester and a single ride cost 80 cents, which adds up over time for college students who, according to the National Center for Educational Statistics, typically make about $14,400 when not factoring in financial aid or assistance from parents.

Lextran estimates about 17 percent of their riders are UK students, and it’s hard to imagine that number will do anything but increase with students now riding free of charge, which could very likely lead to a reduction in traffic could flow on campus.

The agreement will not only help students’ wallets and gas tanks, but will promote healthier lifestyles on campus. Bike riding, for example, is a great alternative to walking or taking a vehicle. It is an aerobic exercise that strengthens the heart, which certainly sustains some heavy damage during college years. Riding a bike gets you to class much quicker than walking, and it saves on gas.

It would have been nice to avoid the parking problems in the first place, but mistakes happen.  What’s important is UK are paying for it with this new agreement and offering students free and effective ways to get to campus.