Big Blue Pedaler a fun way to see Lexington

Big Blue Pedaler a fun way for students to see Lexington

Inspiration from Europe has helped a local Lexington business bring a new and unique attraction to the downtown streets of Lexington. Big Blue Pedaler is a new way of transportation where Lexingtonians and visitors alike can tour different hotspots of Lexington.

There are three different tours that make up this exciting and unique new business — that of brewery tours, historic tours and cruising tours. On the brewery tours customers can chose from several different routes that make up some of the best breweries in the Bluegrass. Some tours, like that of the historic tour, are only available at some parts of the week. The historic tour is available early Saturday and Sunday, while the cruising tours are available seven days a week.

Tours during the week can be scheduled around 7 p.m. and weekends tours are available throughout the day. Individual seats range around $28, but the entire bike can be reserved for $325. This newest downtown attraction is a 14 person pedal-powered trolley on wheels.

Rain or shine the made in America, Big Blue Pedaler operates and has an overhead storage for personal items. While a Big Blue Pedaler captain is in the main seat giving the tour, everyone, from fitness enthusiasts looking for a night out to any family looking to make some interesting memories, will be able to enjoy the city in an exciting way. On the Big Blue Pedalar there is music, lights and cup holders, as well as a motor for the uphill sections of the tour, which sounds like an amazing addition.

Three friends, Leah Woods, Lloyd Woods and Chris Knor, created the Big Blue Pedaler when they were looking to create something ordinary, fun and adventurous for the streets of Lexington. In various cities across Europe there is a “big yellow pedal pub,” and since 2013 the three have worked on getting the plans into reality.

Those looking for adventure and an out-of-the-ordinary night should definitely try this new attraction and should arrive 20 minutes early when doing so. The Big Blue Pedaler would be a great idea for Bachelor/Bachelorette parties, birthday parties and just a great night out in general. The tour takes two hours to complete, and open containers of alcohol are not allowed. All tours start and end at Chase Brewing Company, 266 Jefferson St., and reservations must be made 12 hours in advance.

With summer coming to an end and students coming back to campus, the Big Blue Pedaler would be a great chance to enjoy a beautiful summer night in downtown Lexington. Getting to know the city where one will spend the next four years of their life is very important and doing so in a local way is just as important.

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