Video: Balloons galore

Story by Rae Yen Tan

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The Christian Student Fellowship’s largest water balloon fight returned Friday following a one year hiatus. With fewer people this year, balloons were flying for nearly ten minutes on the Johnson Center Fields.

CSF members spent the days leading up to the event filling up 300,000 water balloons to break the world record.

Taylor Warren, a mechanical engineering sophomore, said she expected the fight to be much shorter.

“I thought it was only going to be like eight seconds,” Warren said. “It lasted forever!”

“We just keep making improvements along the way and we keep tweaking,” said Brian Marshall, CSF’s lead pastor. “We worked with UK to make some improvements, and it seemed like it went really well.”

Hannah Dykes, a chemistry freshman, said she read about the water balloon fight in her K Week book.

“I got a flyer walking into my building one day,” said Josh Carroll, a freshman computer engineering major. “I’m very excited — I think it’s going to be really fun. There’s a lot of people out here.”

“It was way more than I expected, it was a lot of water balloons,” said Joshua Marsh, an animal science sophomore.