Lexington hotspots make great date night



While the bars are a great way to meet people, girls are not impressed with Two Keys as a first date. Whether it be a romantic endeavor, or whatever helps you sleep at night, there are great places in Lexington to go on your next night-time excursion.

The Mad Potter is a great place for a first date. Not only is it super low key, the atmosphere is great, with local artists playing in the corner and the smell of paint and pottery in the air. The Mad Potter is the paint-your-own pottery studio and glass fusing center in the Lansdowne Shopping Center off Tates Creek Road. The business is filled with hundreds of blank pottery that is ready to be painted. For those with the awkward first date jitters, The Mad Potter is a great way to keep your mind off of how your hair looks, and on getting to know the other person in a unique way.

Walking downtown, especially in the fall, can be a beautiful, chill experience. If your date doesn’t have a dress on, take them to Thoroughbred Park. After grabbing a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate from A Cup of Commonwealth, the wall of Thoroughbred Park is a great place to sit and watch the cars go by.

As unoriginal as it sounds, a dinner and a movie is always the go-to date plan. Movie Tavern joins the two into one. From beer to margaritas, the theater has pizza, appetizers, burgers and more to create a great date. In oversized chairs and wine in hand, the date is bound to be fun.

For the kid in all of us, Malibu Jack’s is an arcade filled with air hockey, newly added laser tag, go-kart speedway and putt-putt golf. Great dates bring competitive edge where you can show them pointers of “exactly how to swing a putter,” and so on. Not only is Malibu Jack’s a great place to bring a bit of child-like fun to a night out, they have a 4D motion theater ride. This is a five minute experience with effects like wind, bubbles and snow. Not only is it interestingly fun, it’s a great way to bring you out of reality.

The Fayette Mall area is home to another great date night: Pinot’s Palette, an evening of art where one can enjoy wine — and other alcohol beverages — and learn to paint a creative work of art (canvases are provided). Not only is Pinot’s Palette a great idea for date night, it makes a good night out with friends.

From paint and wine to lazer tag and downtown coffee, Lexington has a lot to offer adults and the young-at-heart. From first dates to four-year anniversaries, great dates are essential to healthy relationships.