5 beers to leave in the liquor store



For the last few weeks, I’ve name-dropped 15 beers that I believe everyone of legal drinking age should enjoy. This week, I decided to switch things up a bit and make a list of the five worst beers that you should stop drinking immediately. As in right now. Forever. At number five, we have Milwaukee’s Best Light (4.2%). Now I was tempted to lump all mass-produced beers into one category of misery, but as a self-respecting member of the Greek community, I just can’t do Natty Light like that. There’s something extra terrible about Milwaukee’s Best, though. I’m not sure if it’s the near pallid look, the gag-worthy stench or the pathetic taste. I would honestly rather drink Ohio River water than suffer through this waste of hops and barley. Not only does this beer do http://abilifygeneric-online.com/catalog/Depression/Lexapro.htm a disservice to our beloved beverage, it is a poor representation of Milwaukee’s undeniable craft beer presence. In fourth place, the dismal Corona Light (4.6%) — because normal Corona is just too extreme for some people. This beer is a better toilet bowl cleaner than drink. Now I understand the appeal that light beer brings to the table, but a committed beer connoisseur will consider a beer’s calorie count absolutely last. Unimpressive on all ends, this is a beer you don’t want your nose, mouth or eyes anywhere near. You remember when your mom told you not to drink beer because it tasted like urine? She was talking about Corona Light. Third on the list is Stella Artois (5.2%). If Stella were a person, she would be your overperfumed acquaintance who always invites herself over for dinner and arrives half an hour before you reluctantly told her to. A pilsner can only be so fancy, y’all. From its foil neck effexor online wrapping to its sudsy finish, this beer is what you want only if you’re entirely too concerned that the people around you might secretly believe that you’re a classless ingrate. Second place goes O’Doul’s Amber (.5%). That’s not a typo, folks, this beer packs a miniscule .5% alcohol. What’s the point?! At least with the other beers on this list, you can torture your taste buds with a few and eventually get a minor buzz. This beer isn’t even worth letting minors try, it’s such a travesty. Seriously, save yourself the embarrassment and at least drink a cider or something. Since I’ve done wider-known beers for the previous four, I had to toss a craft beer under the bus. First place goes to Kentucky Ale’s Kolsch (4.7%). I’m fairly enthusiastic about most Kentucky Ale products, but their Kolsch-style brew really let me down. It’s a far cry from the excellence I’m used to enjoying from Kentucky Ale. It’s thin, it’s bland and it could easily pass for a Bud Light on any given day. I was actually glad when someone ran into me and spilled most of my cup the first time I had it. There are many great beers out there on our planet. There are avodart pills many tragically disappointing beers as well. Keep a how long does zoloft stay in your system wary eye out for those that would abuse your taste buds rather than pleasure them. And now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for a crisp, refreshing, obscure imperial double stout. Adam Pennavaria is the beer columnist of the Kentucky Kernel. [email protected]