UK considers buying scooter racks in wake of multiple thefts


Duy Tran a chemistry senior climbs aboard mo-ped outside the chemistry physics building Tuesday afternoon. Photo by LeeAlan Yates

With seven motor scooters stolen in July and August, UK parking officials will likely buy bike racks designed for scooters.

The thefts happened throughout campus. Three were stolen from the College of Nursing, one from Woodland Glen II, one from the W.T. Young Library, one from the Health Science Research Building and one from the Nutter Training Facility.

UK Police also received a report of two people in August trying to break through a scooter lock near BCTC.

While there are already some scooter racks on campus — in front on Memorial Coliseum and by Funkhouser — determining the location of the racks can be tricky.

The racks will likely be put near motorcycle parking spots. People are not allowed to lock their scooters to traditional bicycle racks.

The number of bicycle racks is meant to accommodate for the number of bicycles, so motor scooters would throw off the ratio. Locking to bicycle racks is also prohibited because it might encourage people to ride their scooters on sidewalks or through campus.

Lance Broeking, director of parking and transportation services, said he has heard that some scooters have self-locking mechanisms and other safety features that help prevent theft.

“The less of those features the easier it is to pick them up,” Broeking said.