Navigating a multiple myeloma diagnosis – what you need to know [Infographic]

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In 2021, approximately 35,000 people in the United States were estimated to be diagnosed with multiple myeloma (MM),1 a rare disease that represents about 1% of all diagnosed cancers worldwide.2 Despite therapeutic advances over the last few decades, MM remains an incurable cancer.3 Receiving a diagnosis of MM is frightening and overwhelming, and can leave people wondering where to turn. Learning about MM and the resources available can help patients diagnosed with MM and their families feel more in control and supported through the myeloma journey.

While many programs and services exist to help people with MM, patients and their care partners may not be aware of these resources. The Multiple Myeloma Resource Navigator for Patients was developed by Takeda Oncology together with leading patient advocates, who shared their experiences and insight to help compile a list of organizations that the oncology community has trusted over time, offering a variety of resources so patients and their care partners know where to turn. The Navigator is organized with considerations for the patient journey, starting first with trusted sources of information and concluding with opportunities for peer mentorship.

CONQUER magazine has the full guide available for patients and their loved ones:


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