Pokémon club evolves into friendships



By Kaitlyn Skovran

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Pokémon may just be a game, but it has created friendships on campus that could last a lifetime. The Pokémon Trainers Association began four years ago, when three strangers met at K Week.

Psychology senior and club co-founder Wes Young said the club is a laid back way to have people come together and said the Pokémon Trainers Association is a place that allows people who wouldn’t otherwise come out of their shell to be social and meet people.

The Pokémon Trainers Association meets every Wednesday night in room 306 in Whitehall Classroom Building at 6 p.m., and meetings last until 8 p.m..

“I would call it the place where I made all my friends in college,” said Danielle Wallace, an agricultural economics senior. “A place that I hope will continue on when I’m gone.”

The club revolves around Pokémon, but members play other games on multiple gaming systems.

“Even if you don’t have a huge love of Pokémon, just like Nintendo stuff, we do other things like (Super Smash Brothers),” Wallace said. “We watch shows on occasion. We have different groups who do different things.”

Letting new people know they are welcome is one thing Young said makes their club different from others on campus.

“Typical meeting nights are us hanging out, doing a multitude of Pokémon activities. Like some people bring the card game, some people are playing on their (Nintendo) DS’s.” said Natalie Shofner, an international studies senior and club president.

Everyone has a favorite Pokémon, too. Shofner loves Nidoking, a horned, purple Pokémon, who can learn moves such as Thrash and Horn Sting and has a tattoo of Nidoking on her back.

Young’s favorite Pokémon is Crobat. One of Crobat’s best moves is Super Fang. Super Fang Deals damage equal to half the target’s current “HP,” or hit points.

“Come if you want to spend two hours doing non-stressful things.” Shofner said.

You can also find out more information online at their Facebook page or on Twitter. New members are always welcome.