Students who pay for passes should not be forced out on game days



K Lot is a valuable resource for tailgaters, residential and commuter students who park on campus.

Students who park in K Lot must move their cars before 7 a.m. on football game days, which means on Friday nights students must exit K Lot and find another place to park. These students travel to local parking garages and side streets to park when they should have the ability park in a spot they paid for.

A parking pass for K Lot costs $272, same as a residential pass.

Then, after the game on Saturday, they must move their cars back by 5 a.m. Monday.

In September 2014, 3,143 students who lived on campus had K Lot passes according to a column in the Kernel, and while that number has gone down due to construction and allocation of spots to other groups, thousands of students must move their cars.

Not only are students who park in K Lot required to move their cars, but students with R passes are now fair game when it comes to moving their cars during game days as well.

While UK is currently considering lowering prices, which was announced this week at the parking master plan town hall meeting, it would not fix all the problems with K Lot parking.

The university must acknowledge that forcing students to move their cars nearly once a week for three months is a ridiculous request.

UK should lower the prices of their parking passes, or make it so that students should not have to move their cars.

Paying almost $300 a year for parking, but not getting to park where you paid for is unacceptable.

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