UK falls to Auburn 30-27



By Jordan Ondrof

A key gain for the Cats was the return of running back Stanley “Boom” Williams.

If anyone thought the time off for “Boom” hurt his game, he proved them wrong. Quickly.

After missing last game due to “personal issues,” Williams took his second carry of the game 60 yards, getting taken down just before the goal line.

“It felt really good to be back out there with my team and to be able to go out there and make some plays that put us in the best position to score some points,” Williams said. “So it felt good to be back out there even though we came up short. I’d give all my stats and everything away just to get the win.”

Williams ran for 113 yards on 16 carries with two touchdowns. Many called into question why Williams wasn’t getting the ball more when Towles was struggling.

Unlike previous games, the Cats were not able to pull off the last minute heroics many fans were expecting as UK drove down the field down three with two minutes remaining.

The Cats made it all the way down to the Auburn 44 yard line and failed to move from there.

The Cats went for it on 4th down, needing a few more yards to get into field goal range. Stoops decided to put the ball in his quarterbacks hands in the most crucial play of the game, only for him to get sacked.

“Yeah, since it didn’t work. So, yeah, I would definitely do that over,” Stoops said.

The Cats still need to win two more games to qualify for a bowl, so the team needs to stay focused heading into the second half of the season.

“I guess try to move on. It’ll be hard, but you can’t sulk on it,” wide receiver Garrett Johnson said. “I feel like that’ll only make matters worse. We’re all mature enough to continue to focus on the rest of the season. Continue to work hard, continue to do what we’ve been doing. I think we’ll come out successful.”