The Boys are Back

Article by Lauren Allen

Photos by Rachel Adkins

Guys, this doesn’t mean you should stop wearing your bow ties either.

There is nothing better for Keeneland than a bowtie to not only show off your personal style, but also celebrate an 80-year-old Kentucky tradition.

Dress a bow tie down with khaki pants and a striped button down shirt, or dress it up with a full suit.

Whether you want to stand out or blend in with the crowd, there are countless ways to style this timeless accessory.

Goff Club Collection

Less than three months ago, Eric Goff and Mitchell Cotthoff decided to open Goff Club Collection, a locally-owned business offering locally-made bowties and pocket squares. Born and raised in Lexington, Goff watched as his grandfather confidently wore eclectic pieces, notably the Lilly Pulitzer sport coats. This is where Goff acquired his bold personal style.

Now, the business is dedicated to his grandmother, along with the pocket square named after her — Lillian Meeks.

Goff Club Collection has uniquely captured the timeless style of the Bluegrass State.

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