Depth Chart shake up for UK Football

By Jordan Ondrof

[email protected]


After a spectacular win over Missouri, this week has focused on the curious case of running back Stanley “Boom” Williams.

After rushing for only 21 yards against Missouri, a personal issue kept Williams away from the team until returning to practice on Wednesday.

“I did want to put an end to any speculation with Boom. Boom’s going through some personal things and we’re going to keep that between Boom and I,” head coach Mark Stoops said after practice on Tuesday.

This all came about after the team released Monday’s updated depth chart that listed junior Jojo Kemp as the first-string running back, instead of Williams. Some are speculating that Williams is struggling with the possibility of not being the number one running back, rumors even went as far as saying he was going to quit the team.

“It has nothing to do with him quitting the team or anything like that,” Stoops said. “When he gets some things resolved and situated, he’ll be back out there. Until then, we’ll support him any way we can and the other guys will step up and compete.”

Kemp, who’s dealt with similar depth-chart issues in the past, will be one of the guys expected to step up against Eastern Kentucky University on Saturday.

“I always told myself when I get out on the field I’m going to make the best of my opportunity,” Kemp said. “It don’t matter when I go in or where I’m at on the depth chart, as long as I get the chance each day you just gotta make the best of it.”

Kemp was called upon during the second half of the game against Missouri and rose to the challenge, running for 66 yards on 13 carries, including two crucial first down runs in the last few minutes of the game.

“Jojo was the guy that did some things in the game and he deserves an opportunity,” Stoops said. “Again, you guys get hung up on the depth chart and believe me, it is important to our players as well – all of our players. We take all of that into consideration, but we need all of our players to compete at a high level all the time to help us win games.”

With all of the speculation surrounding Williams, many have forgotten about the bar fight between EKU and UK football players in the off-season. Tensions will certainly be high — especially for players that were involved (Dorian Baker, Drew Barker and Tymere Dubose). However, the death of EKU player Joey Kramer in a tragic car crash will keep emotions in check.

With the recent history between UK and EKU, Stoops made it clear to players that he will not tolerate foul play, on or off the field.

“I will have very little tolerance all week, I’ll have no tolerance, for anything off the field, talk, none of that B.S.,” Stoops said.