Philharmonia symphony to give students casual music experience

Singletary Center for the Arts will be alive with the sounds of the UK Philharmonia symphonic orchestra Tuesday night.

The UK Philharmonia will host its fall concert 7:30 p.m. Tuesday in the Singletary Recital Hall. The ensemble will perform eight songs from 19th and 20th century composers, including works from famous composers such as Aaron Copland, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Edvard Grieg and Virgil Thomson.

“At the beginning of the year I was really excited to put some really fun sound and repertoire in front of the ensemble,” said Daniel Chetel, who has been the UK Philharmonia’s conductor for the past year. “I was looking to choose music from all around the world and through diverse time periods.”

Chetel is an instructor in the School of Music and the music director and conductor of the Central Kentucky Youth Orchestra.

“UK Philharmonia has a little more relaxed atmosphere, but we play really tremendous music and have a chance to really have a great time learning symphonic literature,” Chetel said. “We have students who are majoring in music performance and music education, then we also have students from across campus.”

One of two symphonic orchestras at UK, the UK Philharmonia has about 45 students and UK faculty playing brass, woodwind and percussion instruments. Students audition for roles in the orchestra and take it as a class.

UK Philharmonia meets one night a week to prepare for one or two concerts a semester. The other ensemble, UK Symphony Orchestra, meets more often during the week and plays more concerts than UK Philharmonia.

“The UK Philharmonia aspires to offer a friendly artistic environment that cultivates participation in and advocacy for music on our campus and in our society at large,” said Jennifer Sciantarelli, communications director for the College of Fine Arts.

The ensemble is open to any student who plays an orchestral instrument, according to its website. Chetel said faculty members may also join.

“It’s a really diverse group of students,” Chetel said. “It’s a chance to play in an ensemble that is really focused on enjoyment, making friends and having an excellent time.”