Letter to the Editor: Let’s make campus “fair,” like a Bernie Sanders utopia

As the 2016 Presidential election season heats up, the issue of fairness will surely be a popular topic of discussion among students.

Despite the fact he has no chance of beating Hillary Clinton — the Washington insider and wife of a former President whose time in office showed he loves college-aged girls more than me — many young people seem ready to support Bernie Sanders.

To the casual observer, he seems to be the candidate who best represents “fairness.” He wants to impose higher tax rates on the evil, selfish rich top 1 percent.  Why? Because it is “unfair” that some people make more money than others.

To be truly progressive, we must all forget about efficiency, time-management, intelligence, work ethic, focus and all the other characteristics financially successful people share. It is frankly just unfair that some people are smarter, more focused and manage their time better.

They shouldn’t be allowed to make more money than me just because I have a low IQ and don’t work very hard. I support Bernie Sanders because I want to live in a country where everything is “fair.”

I want my university to be fair. It isn’t fair that some people get As on tests and others get Ds. I believe the only way to ensure academic fairness on campus is to force all students who earn As to give their extra points to students who earn Ds.

Those A-students don’t need all those points. I need those points more then they do. We could all earn Bs and things would be great. No longer would my laziness result in low grades.

Some square is spending their night in the library; I feel entitled to at least some of his or her points on the next test. His or her ability to learn better than me shouldn’t give him or her an academic advantage.

If all the 4.0 students weren’t so selfish and would give away all those extra points they don’t need to pass, nobody would ever fail out of school.

Everybody “Feelin’ the Bern” agrees: our country’s future depends on our commitment to fairness. Let’s show how committed we all are to fairness here at the UK and petition our professors to redistribute points earned.

Ryan Quinton is a biology senior.

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