Caleb Hallett remembered in candlelight

Nearly every day, Bryson Hallett and his brother Caleb Hallett would take some time to drive around town, talk and listen to their favorite music.

They would talk about anything and everything, Bryson Hallett said, and there was no one better to talk to than his brother.

“He’d listen for hours,” Bryson Hallett said.

About 200 people bundled up in blankets and winter coats at Gardenside Park to come together and remember the Lafayette High School senior, who was shot Saturday near State Street.

His family, friends and co-workers huddled around lit candles to share stories, and to pay tribute to Caleb Hallett’s kindness and sense of humor.

“If you were in a tight spot, he would do everything to help you out, even if it hurt himself,” said Owen Pulley, a friend of Caleb Hallett’s.

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The two first met when Pulley was trying to buy lunch at Lafayette High School. Pulley forgot his wallet that day, and had no money to buy himself lunch.

Caleb Hallett saw Pulley unable to pay, and without ever having met him, Caleb Hallett offered to pay for his meal.

“I always wonder what … would’ve happened if I didn’t forget my wallet that day,” Pulley said. “I would’ve never met the most amazing person I ever met.”

Pulley and Caleb Hallett went on to become good friends, and spent time together while Caleb Hallett made music with his rap group, LexTown Operation.

Within two days of starting, Caleb Hallett was able to produce music, and his friends said he became a driving force behind the group’s music.

“He was the one who motivated us to get it done quickest, and the best,” said Tucker Lewis, a friend of Caleb Hallett’s. “He taught me confidence, how to be myself.”

Click here to listen to LexTown Operation on SoundCloud

The vigil began with Bryson Hallett telling stories about how his brother influenced him, his friends and his family to love each other and to be happy. After a few stories, Bryson Hallett’s friends crowded around and embraced him.

Members of LexTown Operation said they would continue making music in Caleb Hallett’s honor. When Caleb Hallett was not listening to or producing music, his friends said he was probably talking about his mother’s cooking or cracking jokes.

“He never did anything but love everybody he met,” Bryson Hallett said. “Best man I’ve ever known.”