Joella’s to be students Thursday night date

By Aspen Gage [email protected]

Joella’s Hot Chicken will be opening its doors to customers looking for a steamy chicken date this Thursday.

The new Nashville-style chicken restaurant is promoting its opening with incentives to have people filing in the door. The first 100 adults in line will receive a one-year supply of free Joella’s Hot Chicken. That is 52 coupons per winner, which comes to a grand total of $60,000. They start giving out coupons around 8:30 a.m.

People waiting in line will get to munch on free samples.

Joella’s Hot Chicken began in Louisville, and has since expanded to Indiana and Ohio. Known as a traditionally Southern restaurant, Joella’s is the first hot chicken restaurant — hot chicken is a type of fried chicken special to Nashville — to reach its wings into multiple new markets. Joella’s describes itself as a “spin” on classic Nashville style hot chicken with a variety of different flavors.

The restaurant has various blends and its sauces come in six “spice levels” that range from sweet to fiery. The restaurant also serves homemade sides.

Another interesting feature of the store is the self-serve craft beer technology. Tables are equipped with the self-serving technology, and customers can use their IDs to scan, open a tab, and pour the beer themselves.

The event was pushed back a few days because of snow delays, but Joella’s still plans on having the grand opening.

“We’ve been doing basic stuff in preparing for the event,” said Josh Tudor, general manager of Joella’s Hot Chicken in Lexington, “We’re hoping for a big turnout.”

Tudor said Joella’s will start accepting Plus Account in the near future.