Celebrating diversity with Underground Formal

UK students and their dates flooded gates 10 and 11 of Commonwealth Stadium as early as 7:30 p.m. to enter the Commonwealth Event Room for the first free-for-all student formal on Friday.

The event was hosted by the Student Activities Board, Underground Perspective, UK Office of LGBTQ* resources and the Martin Luther King Center.

Upon entering the event, students and guests were asked to show ID and swipe UK student ID’s to create a guest list that would be managed throughout the night.

Guests who were accompanied by a UK student but did not attend the university were asked to fill out paperwork with contact information and prove that they were 18-years-old or older.

Afterward, attendees were given a wrist band, bags were checked by event security and guests were escorted upstairs to the Commonwealth Event Room.

The event was thought of two years ago by senior communications major Nigel Taylor. Taylor wanted to give students the opportunity to relive or redo their high school prom. Taylor is the founder and president of Underground Perspective.

“The point of the event is to bring diversity and people together for one night,” Taylor said.

Students could drive, walk or catch a shuttle to Commonwealth. Shuttles ran from the W. T. Young Library and Bowman’s Den to ensure everyone had a way to attend. DJ Warren Peace supplied the music for the event. 

Although previews of the event mentioned a dress code, it was not strictly enforced at the event gates. Other entertainment included food provided by UK Catering, photo booths and multiple TVs playing basketball games surrounding the floor.  

“We wanted a student formal everyone could go to, not just Greek Life,” psychology and biology junior Christina Griffin said. Griffin is also on the traditions committee for Student Activities Board. 

Attendees spent the night meeting new people and hanging out with old friends. 

With the event’s main focus to bring a group of people together and provide diverse events for the UK community, students reminisced about high school memories of school dances.

“I take any chance I can to dress up,” biochemistry freshman Morgan Keyser said. 

Taylor and other members who helped with the event stood by the doors letting people in and out of the stadium.

“Underground Formal is lit,” Taylor repeatedly said to guests. “Capital L.I.T.”

By Megan Ingros

[email protected]