Club Dodgeball hits home

“If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.” Though this joke is thrown around in reference to the movie “Dodgeball,” the members of UK’s dodgeball club take the motto to heart.

On Monday and Wednesdays from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m., Club Dodgeball members meet at the Seaton Center to let loose some steam from constant studying and homework.

Though people remember dodgeball as a fun, easy-going sport from the elementary and middle school days, the members of this club believe the exact opposite. It is a competitive, all out battle of the ages every time they meet.

They compete in the National Club Dodgeball Association, where they travel to various places and compete against other schools. 

At the end of the year, they compete in a national tournament, where UK and twenty plus other schools compete to win a National Championship. 

The past four seasons, UK Club Dodgeball has made it to the Elite Eight, a feat the entire team holds with great pride.

Twenty members are allowed on the team during competitions, where fifteen of their players matchup against fifteen players on other teams. Players have specific roles on the court ranging from throwers, catchers and even blocking specialists.

Club President Brandon Engelman had no idea how much the sport would mean to him when he joined his freshman year. 

“Joining this club has been the best decision I’ve made here,” he said.

What began as just a way stay busy here on campus soon became one of the biggest, most fun parts of his life. 

“I played sports and was always involved in high school, but when I got here, I was really looking for something to fill that spot in my life, so I wasn’t just here to get a degree,” Engelman said. “I didn’t expect it to become as 

big of a part of my experience here as it has, but I’m glad it has.”

The team loves having fun and hanging out with one another, but it will be all business come National Tournament time. Though the team has reached the Elite Eight the past four seasons, they have their eyes on finally taking home the championship trophy this season.

Jack Pilgrim

[email protected]