Wild Fig satisfies all coffee needs

Kaylee McCollum [email protected]

Nestled among the houses along North Limestone lies a hidden gem, appealing to bookworms and coffee connoisseurs alike.

Wild Fig Books and Coffee offers customers a coffee fix and an interesting collection of books.

Ronald Davis and Crystal Wilkinson, the married couple who own Wild Fig, said they were eager to move from their original location on Leestown Road, which closed its doors after three years of business. The couple was initially hesitant, but ultimately decided to reopen with a new and improved Wild Fig.

“We really wanted a location that had a little bit more traffic and had a lot of other things going on,” Wilkinson said.

The new Wild Fig has been operating for about five months and features a café where customers can purchase coffee, tea, smoothies and even pizza.

But the focal point of Wild Fig is its selection of new and used books, including a wide selection of genres ranging from comics to children’s books to autobiographies.

“We’re both writers. I write fiction and Ron writes poetry, so we’ve always been interested in books,” Wilkinson said. “The other store was primarily a used bookstore and this one is primarily a new bookstore with some used books and the new coffee house. It’s the model we always have wanted so we’re really excited.”

One thing that stands out about the proprietors of Wild Fig is their focus on community. They host weekly events, and sometimes they have published writers visit.

“One of the things that has been exciting for us is to offer things that are more community things, particularly the salons that we have on Sundays. Sometimes we have writers here who have been published, bue even when they come, the idea is that they’re engaging in the community somehow, and it’s much more of a discussion than someone just presenting something to an audience,” Wilkinson said. “That sort of interactive community model has been what’s really important to us and it seems to be working and catching on. That’s something we’re proud of.”

Wild Fig is also a great place for students. The store’s relaxed atmosphere and cozy seating area make it an optimal spot for students to study or just hang out and drink coffee with friends.

“We just want to be known as a community gathering place,” Wilkinson said. “A place where people can come grab something to eat and have great conversation about books and the community.”