Free outdoor movies downtown makes for great summer date night


Triangle Park is located in downtown Lexington. 

Lexington Souers

As classes wind down and the weather starts to heat up, Lexington offers a unique event that makes the perfect girls night or date night. 

This year, the city’s summer movie series, Fountain Films on Friday, will start on July 15 and run every Friday for six weeks.

This summer, moviegoers can see films like “Elf” and “Top Gun” while cuddled up under the Lexington skyline. For its 40-year anniversary, “Rocky” will be shown on the first day of the series.

“Our movies are aimed at adults,” said Laura Farnsworth, senior event coordinator at the Downtown Lexington Corporation. 

Farnsworth said the event started five years ago, after the Triangle Foundation redesigned Triangle Park. About 300 to 500 people can fit comfortably in Triangle Park, so those interested won’t feel cramped as they enjoy some classic films. The park doesn’t have many chairs or benches, so attendees are encouraged to bring their own chairs or blankets. 

Events like Fountain Films on Friday allow Lexingtonian’s to celebrate Kentucky’s wonderful summer weather for free. Date nights can get expensive and activities like these let partners relax while saving money. As well, starting out a first date with a unique experience like an outdoor movie breaks the ice without making anyone uncomfortable. 

DoubleH BBQ, located in Triangle Park, stays open throughout the movie. What’s more, the park’s proximity to downtown makes it easy to grab a quick drink or meal at one of the many local restaurants and bars. 

The event also allows groups of friends to prepare a picnic, grab a blanket and spend some quality time together in a fun environment. Breaking up a boring set of routines with something fun and free is a win-win.  

It may be free and fun, but most of all it supports the wonderful programs that Lexington has in place to give its residents a unique summer experience. What event would be more perfect for pristine summer nights? 

Movies start promptly at 9 p.m. For more information, visit

Lexington Souers is the features editor of the Kentucky Kernel.

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