State universities more appealing under Hillary’s plan


Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton took her campaign to Lexington Monday evening to share her ideas before Kentucky’s Democratic primary on Tuesday, May 17. 

Madison Rexroat

Unveiled in July, Hillary Clinton’s college affordability plan would alleviate tuition costs at public colleges for low and middle-income students.

As reported on the CNN Money website, students whose family earns $85,000 or less would benefit first, with the income level expanding by $10,000 each year until 2021. That means that any family who makes $125,000 or less won’t have to pay tuition.

The aim of this plan is to allow more people to get a higher education without racking up student debt.

To pay for this plan, Clinton proposes “closing additional high-income tax loopholes – focusing on loopholes available especially to Wall Street money managers, like hedge funds and private equity firms,” as quoted in the article.

As of now the plan does not include room and board.

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