Heal your body with bone broth


Caldo Restaurant

Samantha Robinson

Local chef Allison Davis has brought the bone broth trend to Lexington with her new restaurant Caldo. 

Bone broth became popular after NBC’s Today Show did a segment on it in 2014. Davis wanted to grab the opportunity to bring bone broth to Lexington before someone else did where it has become increasingly popular in New York and along the west coast. 

Davis makes and sells broth made from chicken and beef bones. Bone broth is different than regular broth because it’s cooked much longer, which produces more nutrients that the body can easily absorb. 

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Bone broth is high in minerals and rich in amino acids and it can help to reduce inflammation, arthritis and joint pain and can also boost the immune system and metabolism. It can also help to improve digestion and help overall gut health. 

“Lexington is not always right on trend and it’s been a bit of an educational curve to teach people what bone broth is about,” Davis said. 

People are a bit apprehensive to try bone broth, but once they try it and learn about bone broth, people like it, Davis says. Ginger, bay leaves, thyme, peppercorns, parsley and apple cider vinegar are just a few of the ingredients that Davis adds to her bone broth making for a very savory flavor. Davis also sources her ingredients locally, getting the bones from Pike Valley Farm and Marksbury Farm, who sell certified grass-fed organic products and their animals are pasture raised. 

Davis wanted to start Caldo to bring more of a variety to the downtown dining scene. Her goal with Caldo is “providing a healthy source in Lexington,” as there are not many other healthy options to eat in downtown. 

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Davis also sells smoothies and house made granola at Caldo. Her granola is gluten and grain free and made with nuts, berries, dried fruits and honey. Caldo also serves salads or yogurt bowls. 

Davis hopes to one day move into the medical community to help those recovering from surgeries and illnesses with her bone broth. 

Caldo is located inside the new Proof Fitness on Main Street on the seventh floor and parking is validated up to two hours. 

“With Proof it was a great fit because not only can we reach the college demographic and downtown businesses, but it fit with our message of trying to teach people how to heal their bodies from inside to out,” Davis said.  

Davis is also the owner of Wild Thyme, where she teaches cooking classes and offers catering services. Mention this article at Caldo and receive $1 off your first order.