Senate Fall Forum deliberates pressing concerns



Megan Brown

On Thursday, Student Government Association held a Senate Fall Forum that was designed to open the lines of communication between students and administration. The forum took place in the Academic Science Building and featured President Eli Capilouto, Dean Hazard, Vice President Eric Monday and Provost Tim Tracy. There were experts on the panel from housing to academics to diversity. 

The forum was a chance for students to ask pressing questions on issues important to them. Students could have submitted their questions online and were also able to ask them in person. Not all of the questions could be answered due to time constraints.   

The forum began with representatives from SGA asking the panel questions on issues that were concerning the students. The most controversial topic being, “What the university is doing to prevent sexual assault.” 

Capilouto replied by emphasizing the importance of programs like Green Dot which started at UK, having since spread across the nation, and the Violence Intervention and Prevention Center. However, Capilouto believes one of the most important factors in prevention is students, encouraging them to not miss the “opportunity to step up.” 

Another important question came from an audience member who asked what the vision for UK was, and everyone on the panel had a different response. Some like Provost Tracy want to see a 70 percent graduation rate, which only about 150 universities across the country have. He also wants to recognize that this is a global world and wants to prepare students culturally in case they find themselves in other countries.  

Other members of the panel had different goals for the university, believing in the future that the issues happening in the minority office will change and future students will not have to deal with the same problems. They also believe in a future of hungry students who want to succeed and take advantage of every resource on campus. 

Other topics discussed included how to combat the negative stigma associated with Greek life, the university being divided after the presidential election, the lack of funding and as a result the decrease in math and science sections, the relationships between Lexington police and campus police, and advice for students who are struggling because they are lacking in fundamental knowledge due to attending underperforming high schools.