Women taking health precautions before Trump becomes president

Madison Rexroat

After Tuesday’s election results, many women are concerned about their access to birth control after Trump is inaugurated in January.

According to a report by USA Today College, women have access to 18 FDA-approved types of birth control at no cost under Obamacare. With Trump in office, however, it is speculated that government funds for affordable birth control will be significantly reduced.

The concept of birth control, itself, is generally accepted, but it’s affordability for uninsured women may be at risk. Planned Parenthood, which offers birth control, STD testing, counseling, pap smears and abortions, is particularly in danger due to the availability of abortions.

Several women on social media wish to guarantee their access to birth control by either stocking up as much as they can now or getting an IUD (intrauterine device) implanted before Trump takes office. Birth control is often prescribed only up to a year, but IUDs can last from three to 12 years, meaning many can outlast Trump’s presidency.

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