Harassment incidents increased after Trump election, but so did false reports

Madison Rexroat

Last week, a Muslim student at Baruch College admitted that she made up the story she told police about being harassed by Trump supporters. She claimed that three drunk white men called her a “terrorist” and tried to remove her hijab as she boarded a Subway in early December, but she was later arrested for filing a false report.

This isn’t the first time a false incident has been reported by a college student.

After the election, a student at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette reported that two men attacked her and stole her hijab. Another student, who is openly bisexual, at the North Park University in Chicago claimed that an anonymous person sent her homophobic emails and posted a pro-Trump note on her door. Both of these incidents were revealed to be fabricated.

Despite an uptick in false reports, several real incidents of hate-related nature have been reported since the election.

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